Office buildings

Corporate office buildings must have flexible and technologically advanced entrance systems that are safe, comfortable, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible. Special attention has to be made to entry spaces. Typical for office buildings doors are capacity in combination with look and feel. The first impressions of a visitor to a corporate headquarter or multi tenant building starts at the entrance. Bauporte offers design, function and options that are able to make a great reception. They are all extremely solid and suited for their function – showpieces of ultimate craftsmanship.

Years of experience have preceded

More than 100 years ago the first offices in London were executed with revolving doors, by Grothkarst the company we took over in 1999, of which several are still in existence.
Alan Beardmore referred to these doors in his book, The Revolving Door since 1881. 80 years ago, doors revolved clock-wise. Bauporte is the founder of the anti-clockwise revolving motion. In brief, we have extensive experience to make your entrance door an absolute crowd puller.

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