Hot air systems
Various heater systems can be installed, above the door, in the floor or under the door or against the basement roof.

Hot air systems

Patented underground hot air system.

With a revolving door, an exchange of air always takes place during rotation. The warm indoor air turns with it to the outside and the cold outdoor air turns with it to the inside. The disadvantage of this so-called fan effect is that the space behind the door starts to cool down, which can cause problems, especially withreceptions located close to the entrance door.

Bauporte has developed two solutions which can be operated electrically or via a hot water system:

1. Hot air is supplied from above the wall opening which blows around the curve of the opening. We have developed this system for our Circular and Royal Prestige revolving doors.

How does the system work?

The air conditioning system blows into the curved opening. The advantage is that the door wings do not interrupt the curtain in front of the door and there is as little air exchange as possible.

With no passers-by, the cold air will rotate with the door and will stay in the door and not rotate inward. The indoor comfort will increase tremendously.

2. Hot air blow-in from below, which blows into the incoming segment in the curve of the curved glass walls. We have developed this system for our all-glass Circular Full Vison and Royal Full Vison revolving doors.

How does the system work?

In the indoor inbound segment there is a circular outlet in the ground which is made of stainless steel and blows the treated air out along the curved walls.

In the indoor outgoing segment there is a round outlet in the ground which is made of stainless steel and draws in the air which is turned out through the revolving door. Since both outlet and inlet run in the curve of the revolving door and the air-accelerator unit is located directly in the floor, a unique circulation is created, which warms up the cold rotating air. The construction of these “outlets” is entirely in the style and material as the turnstile door itself.

The combination of the open structure matting and the hot air supply in the floor is essential for the circulation of the hot air, as dirt entering between the mats dries immediately through the ventilation under the mat, creating a clean entrance. Of course regular cleaning of the mat and the pit is a must.
The Bauporte air treatment unit is available on a hot water system or an electrical system and will be designed and tailor-made according to the project.


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