EN 16005
EN 16005 standards for automatic doors

EN 16005

Safety standard EN 16005 for automatic doors

The safety of people when using automatic doors, that is what the EN 16005 standard entails. The standard applies to revolving doors (turnstiles), sliding doors, folding doors, balance doors and carousel doors that move horizontally. We are happy to explain why this standard is so important for the safety of your entrance and how we apply it in our work.

What does the EN 16005 standard entail exactly?

As of 10 April 2013, the EN 16005 standard tightens the existing regulations for the user safety of automatic doors. People and goods are not allowed to be hit by a horizontally moving door. The EN 16005 norm guarantees this safety when using automatic entrance solutions. To minimize the risk of an accident or entrapment, automatic doors must contain safety sensors and door operators that communicate with each other continuously.

Specialized periodic maintenance

According to the EN 16005 standard, maintenance on automatic doors must be performed (at least) once a year. A qualified company must comply with the manufacturer’s requirements and document this in a logbook. Bauporte has the knowledge and is authorized to carry out this maintenance professionally. As a manufacturer we know the specifications of the operation of these automatic doors.
It is important to know that all existing national standards and regulations on automatic pedestrian doors have been withdrawn and replaced by EN 16005. Our service contracts are fully compliant with the new regulations.

What happens if your company does not comply with this maintenance?

Strict regulations mean strict control. It is extremely important to have the annual inspection carried out properly. If you fail to do so and an accident occurs due to negligence, you may be liable. Of course, you want to avoid this. The extensive documentation includes a checklist in which all safety requirements are described. If the door meets the standard and the maintenance is periodically carried out by a certified company, the responsibility no longer lies with you.

How do you know that your new automatic door complies with the standard?

From the first contact we will advise you on what the best choice is for you and your entrance. The result of our risk analysis determines which door we can install for you and which safety requirements this involves. You, as the owner of the new door, will be responsible for the day-to-day monitoring of safety and function and will be informed of all possible uses and functions upon installation.

Upon delivery, we ensure that the correct operating instructions are supplied. The content of this documentation meets the requirements of the standard.

Does the standard also apply to existing doors?

Older automatic doors are tested against the same standard. They have to be tested for safety risks at the next official maintenance service and adjusted to the EN 16005 standard when necessary. If the existing door does not comply, we will provide expert advice on what you can do to meet the correct safety requirements.

What does it mean in practice?

The standard pays a lot of attention to safety. For each type of door, the greatest risk lies in a different aspect. For example, with an automatic revolving door the risk is mainly in the opening and closing movement of the door. With an automatic sliding door, it is particularly important to secure the horizontal sliding movement during opening and closing. To put it simply: nobody must be caught between the door or be hit by the door. During the rotating movement of a revolving door, the risk is in the jamming or bumping of the door wings.

As a manufacturer, Bauporte has extensive knowledge of all types of doors. We know the operation, the risks, the components and all the specifications that make safe and pleasant use possible.

Contact us and we will give you the professional advice that best suits your situation.


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