The 5 star Art’otel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Project Entree Art’otel
Client Art’otel
Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Design Entrance ‘Royal Vision, CFV 3400 AY MCW TALL
Dimensions Ø 3400 mm, hoogte 4250mm

The 5 star Art’otel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The 5-star Art’otel is overlooking Amsterdam’s world-famous central station. Located adjacent to the famous Dam Square in Amsterdam, the entrance has been developed in harmony with the interior design and the historic exterior facade. In addition, this entrance had to create a unique, inviting look from the outside. In short, the entrance door should make the connection between inside and outside.


The Full Glass revolving door is constructed from a fully welded stainless-steel construction. It is ‘screwless’ clad with unique Bauporte Blackend stainless steel cladding. The rotating part is stably made of stainless steel (mirror nished) with the suspended door wings.


With this tall 3 wing revolving door there is always a door wing left and right, regardless of the position of the rotating part, which contacts the stable side walls. This means that there is no direct contact between the inside and outside air.

For optimal draught protection, the door wings are equipped with double brushes which are provided with an insulating foil.


The revolving door is powered electrically. Thanks to the special door construction we custom made for this entrance, the drive could be concealed in one cabin.


In view of the small entrance space and the architect’s design, the client asked for a revolving door that creates a fully automated escape route.

On receipt of the impulse, the door handle will move to a position where the fixed wing will stand in the outer day opening. The two collapsible wings will fold outwards.

After receipt of the reset signal, the reverse movement will occur. Obviously, this is compliant with the EN-16005 standard as well and there are security sensors that ensure that no passers-by can be trapped between the door wings.