4 Star Hotel Radisson Blu, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Project Radisson Blu
Client Radisson Blu
Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Design Entrance Circular Full Vision, CFV 2700 AY TALL
Dimensions Ø 2700 mm, hoogte 5500mm

4 Star Hotel Radisson Blu, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The 4-star superior Radisson Blu Hotel is located right in the center of Amsterdam. Just a stone’s throw from the famous Amsterdam canals, the design of the facade and entrance had to act as an eye-catcher, but also blend in with its surroundings.

This revolving door is constructed from a welded stainless-steel construction, which is ‘screwless’ clad with set and rolled aluminum cladding. The rotating part is stable and is composed of a stainless-steel shaft (mirror finished) with the door wings suspended from it.


With this 3-wing revolving door there is always a door wing left and right, regardless of the position of the rotating part, which contacts the stable side walls. This means that there is no direct contact between the inside and outside air. For optimal draught protection, the door wings are equipped with double brushes which are provided with an insulating foil. In combination with the heating element, this ensures that hardly any cold outside air will enter. Obviously, this works the other way round in summer, which means that the warm air stays outside. In both cases this results in large energy savings.

Schermafbeelding 2020-04-20 om 10.26.50

This revolving door is electrically driven. Since there was not enough space to incorporate the drive in the floor, the drive is mounted against the basement ceiling. This is another advantage of customization; everything is possible.