5 Star Hotel Room Mate, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Project Room Mate Aitana
Client ASR Vastgoed BV
Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Architect Jan Bakers Architecten
Contractor Hurks Bouw BV
Entrance 1x Royal Full Vision Revolving Door; model RFV 3400AY NSWA TALL
2x Elegance Pass Doors; model Elegance BDDXXX TALL
Dimensions Ø 3400 mm, height 5730 mm
Width 1450 mm, height 4270 mm

5 Star Hotel Room Mate, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Room Mate Aitana is a modern design hotel built in 2013. Bauporte received the order to develop full glass revolving doors for this hotel from Jan Bakers Architecs.

room mate 4

Bauporte Design Entrances BV designed, manufactured, installed and performs maintenance to the Royal Full Vision RFV 3400 AY NSWA TALL revolving door and 2 Elegance BDD1A1 TALL automatic pass doors.

room mate 9

The revolving door has an in ground air curtain and special NSWA night security door. The drives off all the doors are installed in ground.

room mate 1

room mate 12

The facades are made solely from glass, which has been attached to an aluminium frame. The design entrance was integrated on a transparent, almost invisible way. 

room mate 7

The impressive glass entrance is equipped with a draft preventing tall revolving door standing inside of the building.