Burglar resistant revolving doors
Tourniqueta securitydoors are designed with care with function and securitylevels in mind.

Burglar resistant revolving doors

The design of these doors is based on their function and security level. Special measures allow Bauporte to produce both aesthetic and secure armoured revolving doors.


Bauporte’s custom-made Burglar resistant design and specifications constitute proprietary information. This in order to ensure that this information does not fall into the wrong hands. Security doors with extremely high protection and performance levels protect people and safeguard buildings against penetration and violence. Datacentres, Banks, government buildings, shopping malls, law courts, tribunals, the Interagency Security Committee, building regulations (e.g. the approved Document Q in the UK), and regulations to prevent acts of violence require secure band safe armoured buildings. Bauporte works together with the best suppliers in safety glass and armour materials.


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