Arion Bank, Reykjavik, Iceland

Project Arion Banki
Client Arion Banki
Location Reykjavik, Iceland
Architect Kohn Pederson Fox
Contractor T-Ark
Entrance Royal Full Vision Revolving Door; model RVF 3200AY

Arion Bank, Reykjavik, Iceland

In reference to the door of the St. Martins Lane Hotel in London, the following door was designed: The Bauporte CFV 3200AYN has a total height of 6200mm and is fitted with full transparency with its glass top and glass walls.


Bauporte always builds door structures from stainless steel. In this structure, we chose sea-resistant stainless steel to guarantee a longer lifespan. This is combined with formed sections suited for wind force 11 on the Beaufort scale, which is not uncommon in Iceland.


To give the whole a bit extra cachet, LED lighting was installed in the curved glass of the walls, which light up in 4 different colours.


The unique appearance was created by covering all the stainless steel formed sections, all without screws, with high-gloss stainless steel sheeting, combined with a matte black layer.


An extra-strong heating unit was installed in the floor. Cold air trying to get in is heated up. The heated air is blown into the building through the revolving door. In addition, the hot air rotating back outside is sucked back in.