Office 12 Arthur Street, London, United Kingdom

Project 12 Arthur Street
Client Prudential Ltd
Location 12 Arthur Street, London
Architect HKR Architects
Contractor Mmoser Associates
Entrance Bespoke office entrance, Tall curved sliding door model BSDR 282

Office 12 Arthur Street, London, United Kingdom

12 Arthur Street is a fine example of how a ‘state-of-the-art’ commercial office building can be designed to top international specifications whilst making a positive contextual contribution to the urban fabric of London City. The entrance of 12 Arthur Street had a long history of unreliable suppliers and its entrance doors were constantly breaking down, cold and draughty.

12 Arthur Street01

Bauporte had been asked to develop a bi parting dual door system which would be firstly reliable and essentially draught free.

12 Arthur Street07

Along with this challenge, the new owner Prudential had the wish to make the entrance larger with what they called a “Grand  opening”, allowing visitors to walk side by side.

12 Arthur Street05

With this challenge Bauporte developed a unique air curtain system within this door incorporating air curtains inside the door and an air circulation unit in front of the inner opening.

12 Arthur Street02

Bauporte installed this system into another uniquely designed Bronze clad Tall curved 360 sliding doors model BSDR 282.

12 Arthur Street10With Bauporte’s  maintenance programme in place the entrance will continue to function effortlessly long into the future.

12 Arthur Street06

This unique PLC controlled system regulates the door entrance heater controls and can be overridden by remote control.