Entrances for banks and financial institutions

Banks own or inhabit some of the best real estate in the world. Financial companies desire to build extravagantly; Designer buildings that evoke a feeling of status and security. This also applies to the entrance, in which reliability and safety are top priorities. Bauporte offers a multitude of design options for banking and financial institutions.

Various banks in the world, like Arion Banki, BIL, Commerz Bank, Deutsche Börse Group, ING Group, Normura, HSBC and UBS have Bauporte design entrance doors developed for their offices and headquarters. Entrance concepts able to indicate or emphasize the status, financial health, capital, size, reliability and/or power of the bank.

High level security doors

In addition to design and appearance Bauporte offers PiroSign® fire resistant doors and SeqSign® that meet burglary resistance standards, bullet resistant doors and explosion resistant doors, if so desired tested and certified. The custom-made PiroSign® and SeqSign® safety-by-design doors provide safety according to your requirements.

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