Torre Europa, Madrid, Spain

Project Entree Torre Europa
Client Torre Europa
Location Madrid, Spain
Design Entrance CFV 2500 AX N TALL ACW
Dimensions Ø 2400 mm, height 5500mm

Torre Europa, Madrid, Spain

Located at the heart of Madrid’s business district, the 120 meter high Torre Europa is one of the most impressive and tallest buildings that define Madrid’s skyline.


The building was constructed in 1985 and in 2018 it was extensively renovated to enhance the overall appearance of the building and become one of the smartest office complexes in the world.


The use of glass has a major part in the new look for this iconic building. The open and transparent new entrance hall, designed by Callison RTKL, has been built using the very latest glass construction techniques. The cube shaped entrance 10x10x12 m is self-supporting through the seamless integration of tall glass panels, and interconnected glass fins and beams.

A glass and steel canopy overhangs the lobby and wraps around the side of the building to connect the plaza to the main entrance.

Bauporte was invited to develop a set of unique Tall All Glass Doors. The client had a series of challenging requirements:

  • the doors should look like the façade, and create a seamless integrated appearance
  • the doors had to be tall and elegant
  • the doors needed to be self-supporting, without any connection to the façade.
  • the doors needed incorporate collapsible wings to open the doors in the event of an emergency
  • and last but not least, the glass canopy should be extended to the outside to give a space for the name of the building: TORRE EUROPA


Bauporte were able to utilize all their expertise and experience to design a fully bespoke door for Torre Europa and once again rewrite what is possible in the design of custom entrance solutions.