Office The Walbrook, London, United Kingdom

Project The Walbrook
Client Minerva plc
Location Canon Street, London, UK
Architect Foster & Partners
Entrance 3 x Circular Full Vision Revolving Doors; model CFV 2800AY 
1 x Elegance In-ground Sliding Door; model BSD 1000IG

Office The Walbrook, London, United Kingdom

Whenever a new building needs an entrance like the office building at the Walbrook designed by Foster, Bauporte is the obvious choice. Three self-supporting, all-glass circular Full Vision doors were installed in the stately reception hall.

The Wallbrook Building 03The glass walls were made entirely from one piece of glass without intermediate posts and stands on its own with the outer top posts in connection with the pitched facade of the building.

The Wallbrook Building 04

The whole is actually self-supporting and stands by itself.

The Wallbrook Building 02

The Wallbrook Building 09

The Wallbrook Building 11

A custom-made Elegance Sliding Door, with trapezoid-shaped door wings, completes the whole and gives visitors secure entry to the building.

The Wallbrook Building 14The driving mechanism of this special sliding door was installed in the ground

The Wallbrook Building 15

The Wallbrook Building 08