Theater, Stadstheater Deventer, Deventer, The Netherlands

Project Stadstheater Deventer
Client NV Vastgoedmaatschappij Cultureel Centrum Deventer
Location Deventer, The Netherlands
Architect I’M Architects
Contractor BAM BV
Entrance 2x Circular Full Vision TALL Revolving Doors; model CFV 2200 MYN TALL
Dimensions Ø 2200 mm, 1th height 4010 m, 2nd height 6010 mm

Theater, Stadstheater Deventer, Deventer, The Netherlands

The architect Im was commissioned to add a unique, high-quality look and feel to this building that was to be modified. The main entrance was to become a tall, glass crowd puller.

Passers-by see 6-metre-tall doors, yet in reality they are only 4 metres high and manually operated. The top two metres of the revolving door-cylinder hang on the building, while the bottom four metres stand firmly on the ground.

Choosing this structure enabled the wall of the building to also be the night-time door. It can be slid to the side to open during the day.

The large amount of people going through prompted the choice for manual operation. Bauporte has the CFV 2200MYN for this purpose.

Complete transparency in another unique Bauporte Design.